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Changshu City Oriental Cheng packaging Co., LTD

Changshu Dongcheng Packaging Co., LTD., the main business: the whole set of equipment plastic parts research and development, design, production; The company has a perfect quality assurance system, and has passed the high standard of quality inspection and recognition of all partners. In order to expand the market and achieve mutual benefit, we will be in line with the "price, quality" double best, "integrity, service" win-win business philosophy, dedicated to our customers.

  • 2005 years

    Be established in

  • 5000

    Floor space

  • 6 Taiwan

    Imported equipment

  • 40 people


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    Customization process

  • 厚片吸塑 厚片吸塑

    Understand the requirements

  • 大型吸塑厂家 大型吸塑厂家

    Confirmation scheme

  • 吸塑外壳厂家 吸塑外壳厂家

    Accurate quotation

  • 大型吸塑厂家 大型吸塑厂家

    Prepayment for sample preparation

  • 吸塑外壳厂家 吸塑外壳厂家

    Sample making

  • 厚片吸塑 厚片吸塑

    Send samples confirmation

  • 大型吸塑厂家 大型吸塑厂家

    Advance deposit

  • 吸塑外壳厂家 吸塑外壳厂家

    Mass production

  • 大型吸塑厂家 大型吸塑厂家

    Settle the balance

  • 吸塑外壳厂家 吸塑外壳厂家

    Open after-sales service

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